The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique has successfully helped people prevent and recover from Repetitive Strain Injuries, chronic back pain, and other ailments for over 100 years.

Alexander Technique is a unique re-education to improve the most basic postural coordination. Every person’s well-being in common daily movements depends on this basic coordination. Teachers use principles and hands-on guidance to help in work and performance activities. Our students discover the cause and begin to alleviate physical ailments such as shoulder & arm pain, back pain, excessive fatigue, poor posture, tensions, respiratory problems and difficulty in movement.

You could be here for any of a number of reasons. You might be looking for a solution for back and neck pain. If so, please take a few minutes to watch the following video produced by the prestigious British Medical Journal. You will understand why these doctors were impressed enough to publish the results for long term back pain sufferers using the Alexander Technique.